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Steampunk MidAtlantic

Raleign, NC - July 21-22, 2018

Musical Guests 2017

Performance times to be announced soon!

The Blibbering Humdingers
Neo-retro existential wizard nerd pop with a dash of do-wop, a sprinkle of steampunk and nibble of new wave. A "sound" you ask? Genre? Pishaw! We don't have a sound other than laughter and the sound of magic and the sound of one hand clapping because your other arm has been gnawed off by piranhas.

Antler Hill
Branching out of Greenville SC with their Gothic-Folk sound, Antler Hill uses the symbol of as scarecrow to raise awareness for stutting. Neil Lee Griffin is the composer,musician and carecrow of Antler Hill.

Tornado Bait
It's possible you could simplify Tornado Bait as Alt-Country however, they're a storm brewing of influences from Midwest Country to East Coast Rock N Roll. Call it 'Grunge Grass' if you will. A female fronted band with a lineup of blue collar boys. Playing covers from the 1950s to present with a mix of originals. From the beach, to your momma's, the woods and the stage,Tornado Bait is ready to reign down acoustic thunder or full electric lightning. They sing songs about alligators, Jesus and womern.

Email - Phone (843)655-8775