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Steampunk MidAtlantic

Raleign, NC - July 21-22, 2018

UP ALL NIGHT FILM FESTIVAL - Begin at 8PM Saturday July 21, 2018
NC Filmmakers' Reception 6:30PM-8PM, Co-sponsored by Eno River Media

Special Guest Mickey Flint.
Mickey Flint of Two Gentlemen of Fortune and the Full Steam Group has become a very recognizable figure in the Steampunk and cosplay community in which he has been involved now for eight years. You may have seen him in other personas and never even realized it, the ultimate compliment to a cosplay costumer. Founder of the Florida Steampunk Society, promoter of the Florida Steampunk Exhibition East and general Maker at large, you can say Mickey has seen a few things in the Steampunk community. When not in 1890's, you can find Captain Mickey Flint leading the pirates of the Harbinger, a 500 bodied pirate crew he co-founded, or as a variety of Star Wars universe personas. Mickey's company, Two Gentlemen of Fortune, specializes in custom leatherwork, costumes and prop building for actors, cosplayers, pirates and adventures of all types./font>

WCW Legend and Actor
Papa Stro Maestro

Eastern Exotics WIldlife Foundation

Steampunk Maker
Brett King

All events to he held throughout the Ramada Inn, Raleigh, NC.

Rooms $89 per night with AAA discount. Contact hotel for details.
1520 Blue Ridge Rd, Raleigh, NC 27607 - (919) 832-4100

Email - Phone (843)655-8775